Score! Hero apk for android

Score! Hero Apk for Android 

The addicting game that is taking the world by storm, Score! Hero gives a whole new perspective to football games on portable devices. Free flowing game play with a twist, where you control the ball actions with your fingers and in portrait mode rather than holding the phone landscape, it certainly is a very interesting concept. You play as a player in a humble lower league team and help your team achieve greatness by completing challenges in over 580 levels.
The progression of the game will take your hero from an amateur team to leading your country at the world cup and bringing home that glory. You complete challenges as you progress through the game and as you climb up the football ladder, you get picked up better teams. Your face is plastered all over tabloids as you make your mark on the footballing world. Getting goals and assists each game with your hero and completing challenges eventually take you to the biggest clubs on the planet. From there you fight for championship glory as you work through the levels and challenges. Captain your club and country and achieve greatness with your Score! Hero.
The new updated engine is immersive and the game play is precise and tact. You will have to use intelligent and smart movements and make correct decisions with passes and shots. The AI adjusts well to your movements and actions, so a misplaced pass or wrong movement can decide whether you win or lose. Each level puts you in a different scenario, with each usually requiring you to score a goal, which is easier said than done, as the goal keeper is not as easy to beat as it may seem. Your shot direction, power and accuracy matter a lot in this game so make sure you fingers aren’t too jittery!
Your hero is customizable for a personal look and feel, and you can choose between various team to play for from the beginning, as well as when you progress in the game. Your hero will start as teen looking to make it big in the football universe and work his way up to the writing his name as a legend of the game. Go make you a Score! Hero.
There is an energy system in the game that most games seem to include nowadays. You lose a point of energy for every level attempted, meaning you have to be efficient and careful with how you play the game, as it can get addicting very fast. There are also options to buy unlimited energy with in-game purchases. The game employs ads as well, which can also be removed through in-game purchases.

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