Dream league soccer 2018 Apk free download for android

Dream  league soccer 2018
Renewed for the 2018 season, Dream League Soccer is back and better than ever. Build your team with FIFPro TM licensed players for that authentic football experience. Not only that, but in this new update you can build your legacy from scratch with the option to build your very own stadium. Think Arsene Wenger and his Emirates Stadium, but right on your phone. Build your dream team and take it online to challenge and take on the world. With a plethora of superstars at your disposal, the likes of Gareth Bale and Andres Iniesta can help you charge up the football divisions and win promotion to the Elite Division dreamland.
The game is well developed with very immersive football experiences for all level of players. From the casual to the hardcore, you’ll never be short of options to develop your dream team. Take complete control of your football club, managing the players, sorting the tactics and even getting to build your own fully customizable soccer stadium.
For the avid aspiring manager who just doesn’t have the time to delve deep into real managing, this game balances game play and immersive managerial experiences very well. Everything from tweaks to the formation to player development is your responsibility. A perfect balance of engaging fun soccer game play and everything behind the scenes that you need to make your team tick on the pitch, this game provides all.
You will start off in the lowly leagues with humble teams around you and you will have to grind your way to the top, earning promotions at the end of each season to the next division. Signing the right players, getting the tactics right for each game, making sure the players are developing well and your team harmony is good, all of these things add to the final product on the pitch and will have an effect on your squad as you try to create your legacy.
The game play itself is very fun and immersive. While there are only 3 buttons to do your bidding on the pitch, i.e. shoot, cross and pass, any player worth his salt will know these are enough. You can do various things with these, such as play defense cutting through balls, pinpoint long crosses and dazzling dribbles. The visuals of the game are also very impressive, and the game play is swift and slick, making for a very fun experience.
There are options to buy in game currency to help boost your team, and this game does have in-game advertising, however it is not very invasive and you can generally do without needing to buy coins to remove ads.
The game is available for both Android (2.3 or above) and iOS ( 7.0 and above).

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  1. I have a rooted device, which I rooted with the KingRoot application. Can I use the modified version of this game on my device for free..?