Chess apk free download for android

Chess  apk  free download  for android
Chess is a very interesting  game  and it’s a  game of intellectual . It has some techniques and its own roles .  It is game of  two players  each player start with sixteen pieces  ( one king , one queen , two bishops , tow rooks , two knights , eight pawns  ). The main target to checkmate opponent king  and the game you will win.
It  has played on square board made of 64 small square . There are tow coaler of pieces black and whit the player who has whit pieces he starts game first . The player who checkmark the king he is the winner of game.
Chess is famous in many country  India is the home of chess  and it is national hobby of Russia.

Feature  of chess
Different  themes  and different levels .
Two players model .
Size is small  and sound effects  also.

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