Whatsapp Apk for Android

Whatsapp   Apk   for  Android
           The   number   of  whatsApp  user  are increasing  ever day . In February  2016 1 million active  user  in on month  and  in  July 2017 this  number  increased  to 1.3 active user . WhatsApp  messenger  is a free massaging  for  all  android.  Through  whatsapp  you  can chat, call with your nears and dear , family, friends, and    business officials. Just you need  download  whatsapp APK and  WIFI,2G,3G or 4G internet  and enjoy  unlimited  vice or video call . 
           In  whatapp  you  can  enjoy vice call , video call, messages,  vices messages , pictures  sharing  and videos sharing . And  you can also creates groups among friends , among  business officials , among university/college class  and  share information  also in touch 24/7. you can also share video or other links  and  documents .

Very   easy and very simple  to  use.
Unlimited  call, video, messages and other  services.
You can also share locations and  address.
You can also take part  in business meetings through  video call.
You can also use it through PC and laptops. 

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