Facebook Apk for android

Facebook  Apk for android
 Facebook   is most  famous, popular  and commonly  using social network  and  website in the world. According to Global social network ranked number  of user 2018  2.2 million active  monthly  user world wide.
With facebook  you  can keep  in  touch  with your  nears,   dears,    family,  friends, favorite personality, etc and also with world . You can easily share picture, videos, links, live videos and much more. You can create groups with your friends, business organization, family or according to your need. You can makes video and voice calls also text messages privately or in groups. You  can tag, comment and  reply of any post. And also mention someone in commonest. You can also watch TV channel live on facebook  and  commercial advertisement. And also play  games with  facebook friends.

Easy to  use  very interesting and new type to social  gadaring
You can see who are using facebook through contacts.
You can share pictures and  video and also people likes, dislikes, comments and also replies.
You can find new people and new friends.
Get notification when someone comments on your post.
Play games with computer or with friends or within groups.

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